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Have you decided on your winter knit yet?

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It has been a while.
It's the person inside the Fellowes store.
Today, we would like to introduce hand knits from Nepal, which is one of the highlights of this season.

In Nepal, which is also the gateway to the Himalayas, traditional knitting techniques derived from the hill tribes are still alive.

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© Bijay Churasia

The wool industry is also one of the major export industries that support the people of this country, so much so that "thread, wool, carpet, and clothing" are listed as the main trade items on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The [PNS] series, which began to be developed last year, was carefully knitted one by one by skilled knitters who have inherited the tradition of Nepal.
This season, we have three models: cardigan, Nordic, and cable, which are popular among unisex.


Price: 28,600yen
Size: M, L
Material: Wool 100%
Color: Black / Buffalo Horn Button


Price: 24,200yen
Size: M, L
Material: Wool 100%
Color: Navy, Brown


Price: 24,200yen
Size: M, L
Material: Wool 100%
Color: Olive, Natural, Navy

While maintaining strict quality control, all processes are manual, so there is no same thing as one.

The outstanding craftsmanship of the craftsmen is summarized in the inner tag that says "Original Hand Made".

From the small flashers tied with wool, you can feel the unique warmth of hand knitting and their pride, along with the name "Himarayan Handicraft".

If you are worried about winter knitwear, please pick it up at shops nationwide and wrap yourself in the gentle texture unique to hand-knitting.