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I want to talk about classic Chino [P41M] Part.1

Posted by 白水健寛 on

It has been a while.
It's the person inside the Fellowes store.
This time, I would like to talk a little bit about chino pants, which are one of the standard American casual items.

© US Naval Historical Center Source

First of all, why are high-density twill weave pants called chino pants?
This time, I will start from such a theory.

As you know, chino trousers were developed as military-derived work pants, but the symbolic khaki color (dark beige) is said to have originated in the mid-19th century with the British officers of the time.

Harry Burnett Lumsden ©Public Domain


Sir Harry Lumsden, who was stationed in India at the time, was given a conspicuous white military uniform. It is said that it was named.

Since then, that symbolic color has come to be called khaki, but where did the other keyword “chino” come from? (to be continued)