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I want to talk about classic Chino [P41M] Part.2

Posted by 白水健寛 on

Continuing from the previous session.
The word chino first intersected with khaki around the end of the 19th century, when the Spanish-American War broke out between the United States and Spain in 1898.

©William Dinwiddie

The United States, which won this war, gained control of Asian countries such as the Philippines and Guam, which had been Spanish territory until then, and joined the ranks of the great powers.

©The Science and Industry Museum

On the other hand, khaki twill derived from Lord Lumsden was mass-produced in the United Kingdom and its direct control territories, and flowed out to various countries via India, which was under administration at the time. It is said to have reached

In other words, the khaki twill, which originated in China via British India, was used by Spanish soldiers and American soldiers on the Philippine front as a kind of local maid, so it is called "Chino", which means "Chinese" in Spanish. became.

In the 20th century, based on such "Chino", the US Army also developed formal products, and M-1941, commonly known as M-41 khaki, which became the first army trouser, was formalized in 1941 as its name suggests. has been changed. (to be continued)