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I want to talk about classic Chino [P41M] Part.3

Posted by 白水健寛 on

Continuing from the previous session.

© Christopher Reuscher

Chino trousers derived from the U.S. military underwent minor changes during the war, transitioning to the so-called M-43 khaki and M-45 khaki.

In addition, after the war, many private brands released chino pants called "ARMY TYPE" based on those original chinos one after another, and they were prized by later Ivy Leaguers.

Fellows' classic chino [P41M] is also a modification of M-1941, the original American chino, to fit modern lifestyles.


Price: 14,300yen
Size: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36
Material: 100% cotton

The so-called M41 khaki is characterized by being more polite and luxurious than the successor model that followed.

First of all, the US ARMY stamped metal buttons, which were only used in the 41 model, are faithfully reproduced in detail.

From the 1943 model, the side seams that are split on the sides are double-stitched on both sides to ensure robustness, just like the original.

In addition, from the 1945 model, the coin pocket and hip pocket, which are single beaded, are carefully finished with double beaded edges.

The iconic details such as the waist darts that make the hips look three-dimensional and the center offset belt loops are also firmly followed.

On the other hand, the original straight silhouette, which is too rugged, has been slightly modified to modernize it so that it fits in with modern city life.

One of the long-selling models that we recommend to those looking for chino pants that combine full-fledged military-derived detail work with a beautiful silhouette that is timeless.

In addition to the standard khaki, there are three colors available: navy and olive.