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I want to talk about classic baker pants Part.2

Posted by 白水健寛 on

In the 1960s, like many military garments, utility trousers underwent two minor changes.

©California Military Department Historical Collection

First, in 1964, the simple sizing, which had been labeled S, M, and L until then, was reviewed, and the actual size of W32 x L30 became mainstream, and the waist adjuster was abolished. With some exceptions, the front opening has been changed from button fly to zipper fly.

In 1975, when the military conscription system was abolished and it became a voluntary system, the "Durable Press", which adopted a polyester blend material, was called " OG-507 ", which was non-iron like consumer products at the time. has given up its seat to


On the other hand, the predecessor OG-107, which was retired from service, was flooded into the consumer market, and ironically, it was re-evaluated by the early backpackers and original hippies who were the pioneers of the anti-war movement because of its excellent cost performance of only a few dollars. It is done.

©Super Topo

©Leena Krohn

As mentioned in Part.1, Fellowes's [ PUPT1 ] is also inspired by the 100% cotton satin specification early and mid-term models that were loved by the heavy-duty first generation before the OG-507. (to be continued)