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I want to talk about the 30th anniversary MA-1

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It has been a while.
It's the person inside the Fellowes store.

This time, I would like to write a little about the flight jacket [MA-1], which is still being developed intermittently as one of the best signage products of the brand, which was the reason for our company representative Shimura to launch Fellows.

As you know if you like American casual, the earliest flight jackets were generally made of leather.

[18W-A-2-P / 162,800yen]

[20W-G-1 (NDRP) / 167,200yen]

The Navy Air Corps' [M422], which is the predecessor of the Army Air Corps' [A-2] and [G-1], which was formalized in 1931, has also been under development since the 1930s.

Most of the flight jackets adopted during World War II were made of leather or cotton + boa specifications represented by [B-15], but in 1947 after the war, the US ARMY AIR FORCE ) was dismantled and the United States Air Force (US AIR FORCE) was officially established, many of the main aircraft changed from propeller aircraft to jet aircraft.

©Menard, David W.

With the evolution of this drive mechanism, flight speed and altitude have improved dramatically, but on the other hand, water droplets on the clothing due to condensation freeze and hinder in-flight activities, so a nylon flight jacket that is hard to freeze is used. said to have been devised.

At the same time, zone divisions for each compatible outside temperature were newly established, with a very light zone of 30 to 50 degrees Celsius, a light zone of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius, an intermediate zone of -10 to 10 degrees Celsius, and an intermediate zone of -30 to 10 degrees Celsius. It was divided into 5 adaptation zones: the heavy zone up to -50 to -30°C, the very heavy zone.

The [MA-1], which we will focus on this time, was the origin of the intermediate nylon flight, which is the star of the Air Force pilot, and it was already one completed form.

Since its debut in the early 1950s, minor changes have been repeated according to feedback from pilots and the evolution of various equipment, and in 1994 it was supplied to the Israeli Air Force through the US Department of Defense, commonly known as [Israel MA-1]. As for the model, although it was for ceremonial use, which had nothing to do with the fires of war, it inherited a symbolic design that could be recognized at a glance.

In fact, the [MA-1] military equipment standard number (Mil-Spec) is roughly classified into eight, but the successor model [CWU-45P] (commonly known as MA-2) has not changed much in the design itself. I'm handing over the seat to.

[CWU-45P] ©Benjamin Brossard

On the other hand, in the vintage market, [MIL-J-8279] to [MIL-J-8279B], which were used until the 1960s, were the initial models, and the lining changed to [MIL-J-8279C], the international distress color Bright Indian Orange. ] to [MIL-J-8279D] are the mid-term type, and [MIL-J8279E] and later with the newly added flap on the hand warmer pocket are the late-type, especially the late 1950s. It is well known that the earliest type without the final initials, commonly known as 1st [MIL-J-8279], which was produced until around the time, is the most prized.

Based on the earliest model [MIL-J-8279], we have evolved to a more modern fitting, and proudly announced as the 30th anniversary model of the brand establishment [21W-MA-1] and [21W-MA-]. 1-DECO].

Since the earliest type was given priority to the actual combat units, it is known that there are very few originals in existence. It is also a model with a deep connection.

Oxygen tab for fixing the hose of the oxygen mask from the predecessor model [B-15D],

ICS (intercom system) cable fixing snap loops on both sides (both abolished after MIL-J-8279B) etc. have been inherited,

The shape of the wind flap with a squared top (from the second generation MIL-J-8279A to rounded corners) is also a remnant of the [B-15D] design.

Of course, the mil-spec [MIL-J-8279] without the initials at the end is manufactured by the fictitious contractor "CC MASTERS INC", which is familiar to Fellows' military department.

In addition, [21W-MA-1-DECO] is positioned as "the item worn by LUCKEY PHERROW, who belongs to SMASHING BUFFALO, the 91st company", and is equipped with a squadron patch depicting a knight straddling a buffalo.

Both models have a special piss name commemorating the 30th anniversary on the lining,

The 4C AIR FORCE mark for the left sleeve and the 1C AIR FORCE mark on the inner side come with decals that can be transferred by the purchaser to their liking.

A total of 250 pieces will be produced in a limited production. There are still a few available now, so please check the pre-order page on this site.


Price: 73,700yen
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: Nylon 100% / Wool 58%, Cotton 42% / Nylon 100%
Color: Sage Green


Price: 77,000yen
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 100% nylon / 58% wool, 42% cotton / 100% nylon
Color: Sage Green