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In the 1950s, denim finally made its way into fashion

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It has been a while.
This is a continuation of the last time.

In 1945, when the long-lasting war ended, the victorious United States became the next-generation hegemonic power, replacing the European powers.


The European stylistic beauty that emphasized tradition and formality, as well as origin and class, gradually faded away, and the world suddenly turned to a more rational and popular “American style” lifestyle.

The youth generation, who had been oppressed both physically and mentally by the war, had a particularly strong backlash, and mass production and mass consumption was the driving force behind the new generation of popular culture. began to

Among them, in the world of movies and music, which was making remarkable progress at the time, the next generation of outsider heroes such as Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley were born one after another, and the leather jackets and jeans they loved were used from practical clothes and work clothes. Finally, the stage was moved to the context of fashion.

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Since then, around the mid-1950s, jeans gradually gained citizenship as daily wear from the icon of the bad guys, but the crude image could have an adverse effect on the elite class and the sons of famous families.

Prestigious private universities on the East Coast and prep schools aiming for them will build an era so that school rules forbidding wearing them will be laid. (Continued after the 4th bullet)

One corner of the standard model [521SW] is inspired by the jeans of the 1950s, which is the dawn of fashion.

The vintage denim of the time was generously disassembled, and even the structure of the fibers was analyzed in detail. Aiming for a faithful and complete reproduction of everything, not only the fabric but also the silhouette and fitting, as well as the symbolic detail work unique to the time.

The button fly, sleek, and hip pocket stitching, which were forced to change during the war, were returned to their original specifications, and with the evolution of production equipment such as sewing machines, the belt loops on the back changed to non-offset layered stitching. A well-balanced combination of American and Australian cotton to create a natural vertical drop, and a slightly lighter 13.5 ounce fabric than the Great War model [451SW] is woven with low tension.

Weak tension unique to old looms makes the unevenness of the fabric stand out more, leather patches and hidden rivets that were used until around 1966, etc. We have created masterpieces that are said to be the pinnacle of old denim pants with our technology and passion. revived in modern times.


Price: 21,780yen
Size: 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,36 (38,40: 23,980yen)
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: One Wash