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Let us talk about The Arts Part.2

Posted by 白水健寛 on

Meigs devised more than 300 original patterns in about 20 years until the early 1950s when he moved to New Mexico, but he was particularly influenced by the style of Gauguin he saw at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. And it can be read that he was particularly infatuated with Gauguin so much that he talked about it in a later interview.

Paul Gauguin (Public Domain)

Paul Gauguin, Woodcut with a Horned Head, 1898–99 Public Domain

In the 19th century, Gauguin produced many prints on the subject of Tahiti, which was then a French colony. This is the reason why I found truth and beauty in my developmental lifestyle.

[ 22S-The Arts ], which was designed based on such "Gauguin Woodcut", also has our own primitiveism and humor. ( Continued )