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Fellowes PHERROW'S indigo natural shirt jacket dobby material dot button 22W-PDSJ1

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An original shirt jacket designed with reference to the yoke line of a vintage denim jacket.
Appropriately thick and bulging dobby material is processed with ball bio-processing to create a three-dimensional fading effect reminiscent of denim.

S: about 47cm (shoulder width) about 54cm (width of the body) about 70cm (length) about 59cm (sleeve length)
M: about 49cm (shoulder width) about 56cm (width of the body) about 72cm (length) about 60cm (sleeve length)
L: about 51cm (shoulder width) about 58cm (width of the body) about 74cm (length) about 61cm (sleeve length)
XL: about 53cm (shoulder width) about 60cm (width of the body) about 76cm (length) about 62cm (sleeve length)
XXL: about 55cm (shoulder width) about 62cm (width of the body) about 78cm (length) about 63cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton

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This original shirt jacket was designed with reference to the yoke line of vintage denim jackets.
The dobby material with moderate thickness and fullness is ball bio-processed to create a three-dimensional faded look reminiscent of denim.

S: approx. 47cm (shoulder width) approx. 54cm (body width) approx. 70cm (length) approx. 59cm (sleeve length)
M: approx. 49cm (shoulder width) approx. 56cm (body width) approx. 72cm (length) approx. 60cm (sleeve length)
51cm (shoulder width) approx. 58cm (body width) approx. 74cm (length) approx. 61cm (sleeve length)
53cm (shoulder width) approx. 60cm (body width) approx. 76cm (length) approx. 62cm (sleeve length)
XXL: approx. 55cm (shoulder width) approx. 62cm (body width) approx. 78cm (length) approx. 63cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton