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Fellowes PHERROW'S Overalls Work Overalls Salopette Cork Stripe 22S-271OA-ST

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A model with a different fabric for the classic overall [271OA-W] developed in Wabash.
It is inspired by the refreshing pinstripe pattern that was used as uniforms by a soft drink manufacturer in the 1950s and 1960s.

*Length is unified at 32 inches (common to all waist sizes)

34(S): about 109cm (total length) about 79cm (inseam) about 32cm (wading) about 22cm (hem width)
36(M): about 110cm (total length) about 79cm (inseam) about 33cm (wading) about 23cm (hem width)
38(L): about 111cm (total length) about 80cm (inseam) about 33cm (wading) about 23cm (hem width)
40 (XL): about 112 cm (total length) about 80 cm (inseam) about 34 cm (wading) about 24 cm (hem width)

Material: 100% cotton

This is a fabric replacement model for the standard overalls [271OA-W], which are available in wavash fabric.
The image is based on the refreshing pinstripe pattern used by a certain soft drink manufacturer as a uniform from the 1950s to the 1960s.

*Inseam is standardized at 32 inches (common to all waist sizes)

34(S): approx. 109 cm (total length) approx. 79 cm (inseam), approx. 32 cm (gut), approx. 22 cm (hem width)
36(M): approx. 110cm (Total Length) approx. 79cm(Inseam) Approx. 33cm(Watteri) Approx. 23cm(Hem Width)
38(L): about. 111cm (Total Length) 80cm (Inseam) 33cm (Watter) 23cm (Hem Width)
40(XL): approx. 112cm (Total Length) Approx. 80cm (Inseam) Approx. 34cm (Watteri) Approx. 24cm (Hem Width)

Material: 100% cotton