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Fellows PHERROW'S College Print Vintage Sweatshirt 80's Side Rib Color Varier 22W-PRWS-P1

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Inspired by the classic athletic wear of the 1980s and 1990s, this heavyweight new classic is available in 8 colors.
By using the fabric, which is normally used vertically, in the horizontal direction, shrinkage in the vertical direction is reduced, while ribs are provided on both sides to prevent horizontal shrinkage, and the brand initials are casually placed on the left arm. Expressed in embroidery.
Inspired by the circle uniforms of students studying robotics, we adopted a vintage-inspired print. It is a linked project with this season's recommended varsity jacket [ 22W-PSJ-RR ].

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S: about 44.5cm (shoulder width) about 56cm (body width) about 64cm (length) about 58cm (sleeve length)
M: about 46.5cm (shoulder width) about 58cm (width of the body) about 66cm (length) about 59cm (sleeve length)
L: about 48.5cm (shoulder width) about 60cm (width of the body) about 68cm (length) about 60cm (sleeve length)
XL: about 50.5cm (shoulder width) about 62cm (width of the body) about 70cm (length) about 61cm (sleeve length)
XXL: about 52.5cm (shoulder width) about 64cm (width of the body) about 72cm (length) about 62cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton

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Inspired by the athletic wear of the 1980s and '90s, this new heavyweight standard is available in a total of eight colors.
The fabric is originally used in the horizontal direction to reduce vertical shrinkage, while ribbing on the sides of the sleeves allows for horizontal shrinkage.
The print is inspired by the circle uniforms of students who study robotics, and is imbued with a vintage look. This is a project in conjunction with the varsity jacket [ 22W-PSJ-RR ], which is the hottest item this season.

S: approx. 44.5cm (shoulder width) approx. 56cm (body width) approx. 64cm (length) approx. 58cm (sleeve length)
M: approx. 46.5cm (shoulder width) approx. 58cm (body width) approx. 66cm (length) approx. 59cm (sleeve length)
48.5cm (shoulder width) approx. 60cm (body width) approx. 68cm (length) approx. 60cm (sleeve length)
50.5cm (shoulder width) approx. 62cm (body width) approx. 70cm (length) approx. 61cm (sleeve length)
XXL: approx. 52.5cm (shoulder width) approx. 64cm (body width) approx. 72cm (length) approx. 62cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton