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The classic hat with the US NAVY denim hat from the 1940s as the design source has been renewed from the 2023S season.
Light ounce denim uses the same fabric as painter pants [ 301WP ], beige herringbone military trousers [ P-41-HBT ], and camouflage uses the same fabric as baker pants [ PUPT1 ]. is slightly deeper and the brim is arranged shorter.

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Size: about 60cm

Material: 100% cotton

The standard hat, with the 1940s US Navy denim hat as its design source, has been renewed for the 2023S season.
The light-weight denim is made from the same fabric as the Painter Pants 【 301WP 】, the beige herringbone from the Military Trousers 【 P-41-HBT 】, and the camouflage from the Baker Pants 【 PUPT1 】, respectively, with the addition of straps seen on jungle boonies and the like, and the crown is slightly deeper and The brim is arranged to be shorter.

Size: approx.60cm

Material: 100% cotton