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Fellowes PHERROW'S denim trouser Trouser one tuck pleats slacks 22S-PDBP1

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Tucked slacks finished in 11 oz light uneven denim.
We aimed for a unique and completely different nuance of a relaxed silhouette while following the detail work derived from jeans such as watch pockets and rivets.

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W30: about 37cm (front rise) about 65cm (inseam) about 32cm (wading) about 23cm (hem width)
W32: about 38cm (front rise) about 66cm (inseam) about 33cm (wading) about 24cm (hem width)
W34: Approximately 38cm (front rise) approximately 66cm (inseam) approximately 34cm (wading) approximately 25cm (hem width)
W36: Approximately 39cm (front rise) approximately 67cm (inseam) approximately 35cm (wading) approximately 26cm (hem width)

Material: 100% cotton

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Tucked slacks made of 11 oz. weakly uneven denim.
While tracing the detail work of jeans such as watch pockets and rivets, we aimed to create a completely different nuance with a relaxed silhouette.

W30(inch): approx. 37cm (front rise ), approx. 65cm (inseam), approx. 32cm (thigh width), approx. 23cm (hem width pants)
W32(inch): approx. 38cm (front rise ) approx. 66cm (inseam) approx. 33cm (thigh width) approx. 24cm (hem width pants)
W34(inch): approx. 38 cm (front rise ), approx. 66 cm (inseam), approx. 34 cm (thigh width), approx. 25 cm (hem width pants)
W36(inch): approx. 39cm (front rise ) approx. 67cm (inseam) approx. 35cm (thigh width) approx. 26cm (hem width pants)

Material: 100% cotton