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Fellowes PHERROW'S flight jacket navy USNAVY WEP thin down wep 22W-MONSTER-WEP

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This short-length nylon jacket, which is a flight jacket originating from US Navy and is also known as WEP and G-8 from the tag notation, has been modernized in the current mood.
Thin down, known as high-tech down for the new era, is used for the batting, and not only the length but also the silhouette itself has been redesigned to be wide.
We, Fellows, were the first to reproduce WEP, also known as J-WFS, in Japan.

S: about 41cm (shoulder width) about 56cm (width of the body) about 58cm (length) about 58cm (sleeve length)
M: about 44cm (shoulder width) about 59cm (width of the body) about 61cm (length) about 61cm (sleeve length)
L: about 47cm (shoulder width) about 62cm (width of the body) about 64cm (length) about 64cm (sleeve length)
XL: about 50cm (shoulder width) about 65cm (width of the body) about 67cm (length) about 67cm (sleeve length)
XXL: about 53cm (shoulder width) about 68cm (width of the body) about 70cm (length) about 70cm (sleeve length)

Material: Nylon 100%, Thin Down (Down 75%, Composite Fiber 15%, Feather 10%)

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This is a modernized version of the short-length nylon jacket, also known as the WEP or G-8, which is a flight jacket originated in the US Navy and nicknamed the WEP because of its tag notation.
The silhouette itself, as well as the length, has been redesigned to be wider, and the padding is made from the new generation of high-tech down known as "Syndown.
We, Pherrow's, were the first to reissue the WEP, or J-WFS, in Japan.

S: approx. 41cm (shoulder width) approx. 56cm (body width) approx. 58cm (length) approx. 58cm (sleeve length)
M: approx. 44cm (shoulder width) approx. 59cm (body width) approx. 61cm (length) approx. 61cm (sleeve length)
L: approx. 47cm (shoulder width) approx. 62cm (body width) approx. 64cm (length) approx. 64cm (sleeve length)
50cm (shoulder width) approx. 65cm (body width) approx. 67cm (length) approx. 67cm (sleeve length)
XXL: approx. 53cm (shoulder width) approx. 68cm (body width) approx. 70cm (length) approx. 70cm (sleeve length)

Material: Nylon 100%, Thin Down (Down 75%, Composite Fiber 15%, Feather 10%)