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Fellowes PHERROW'S pullover work shirt chin strap heather metal button 22W-778PWS

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Based on the archives of the 1920s, this pullover type work shirt is made with three heathered twills to add depth.
While following the detail work unique to early American work such as chin straps and metal buttons, it is a transient that combines the three-needle triple stitch that later became a symbol of the same category and the two-needle double stitch that was common before that. image of the period.

S: about 40cm (shoulder width) about 49cm (width of the body) about 65cm (length) about 59cm (sleeve length)
M: about 43cm (shoulder width) about 52cm (width of the body) about 68cm (length) about 60cm (sleeve length)
L: about 47cm (shoulder width) about 56cm (width of the body) about 71cm (length) about 61cm (sleeve length)
XL: about 51cm (shoulder width) about 60cm (width of the body) about 74cm (length) about 62cm (sleeve length)
XXL: about 55cm (shoulder width) about 64cm (width of the body) about 77cm (length) about 63cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton

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This pullover-type work shirt is based on an archive shirt from around the 1920s, and is made of three-grain twill to add depth.
While following the detail work unique to early American work, such as the chinstrap and metal buttons, the image is of a transitional period when the triple stitch with three stitches, which later became the symbol of the category, and the double stitch with two stitches , which was common before that, coexisted.

S: approx. 40cm (shoulder width) approx. 49cm (body width) approx. 65cm (length) approx. 59cm (sleeve length)
M: approx. 43cm (shoulder width) approx. 52cm (body width) approx. 68cm (length) approx. 60cm (sleeve length)
47cm (shoulder width) approx. 56cm (body width) approx. 71cm (length) approx. 61cm (sleeve length)
51cm (shoulder width) approx. 60cm (body width) approx. 74cm (length) approx. 62cm (sleeve length)
XXL: approx. 55cm (shoulder width) approx. 64cm (body width) approx. 77cm (length) approx. 63cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton