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Fellows PHERROW'S Mountain Series Outdoor Stretch Ventile Bush Pants 22S-PABP1-Mt.

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These bush pants are made of ultra-high-density material born from British Mil-spec and are water-repellent and waterproof.
By intentionally adding a small amount of PU material to ensure stretchability, we are conscious of outdoor use as well as daily use.

W30(inch): about 29cm (front rise) about 68cm (inseam) about 29cm (wading) about 16cm (hem width)
W32(inch): about 30cm (front rise) about 69cm (inseam) about 30cm (wading) about 17cm (hem width)
W34(inch): about 31cm (front rise) about 70cm (inseam) about 31cm (wading) about 18cm (hem width)
W36(inch): about 32cm (front rise) about 71cm (inseam) about 32cm (wading) about 19cm (hem width)

Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane

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These bush pants are made of a super high-density, water-repellent and water-resistant ventilated fabric from British mil-spec.
The slight addition of PU material ensures stretch, making these pants suitable for everyday use as well as outdoor activities.

W30(inch): approx. 29cm(front rise), approx. 68cm(inseam), approx. 29cm(thigh width), approx. 16cm(hem width pants)
W32(inch): Approx. 30cm(front rise), approx. 69cm(inseam), approx. 30cm(thigh width), approx. 17cm(hem width pants)
W34(inch): Approx. 31cm(front rise), approx. 70cm(inseam), approx. 31cm(thigh width), approx. 18cm(hem width pants)
W36(inch): approx. 32cm(front rise), approx. 71cm(inseam), approx. 32cm(thigh width), approx. 19cm(hem width pants)

Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane