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Fellowes PHERROW'S snow pattern Snow pattern SNOW zip up sweat shirt double zip 22W-PSF1

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The so-called snow pattern sweatshirt is familiar to vintage clothing lovers.
The nordic pattern, which is soaked into the switching yoke and decorated with a print, adopts the original design of Fellowes.
Furthermore, it is finished with a double zip that expands the range of styles.

S: Approximately 53cm (Width) Approximately 65cm (Length) Approximately 80cm (Sleeve length)
M: Approximately 55cm (Width) Approximately 67cm (Length) Approximately 83cm (Sleeve length)
L: Approximately 57cm (Width) Approximately 69cm (Length) Approximately 86cm (Sleeve Length)
XL: Approximately 59cm (Width) Approximately 71cm (Length) Approximately 89cm (Sleeve Length)
XXL: Approximately 61cm (Width) Approximately 73cm (Length) Approximately 92cm (Sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton

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This sweatshirt is commonly known as the snow pattern sweatshirt, familiar to vintage vintage clothing lovers.
The Nordic pattern on the yoke is an original Pherrow's design.
The double-zip closure adds to the style of this sweatshirt.

S: approx. 53cm (body width) approx. 65cm (length) approx. 80cm (Sleeve length From the center of the back)
M: approx. 55cm (body width) approx. 67cm (length) approx. 83cm (Sleeve length From the center of the back)
L: approx. 57cm (body width) approx. 69cm (length) approx. 86cm (Sleeve length From the center of the back)
XL: approx. 59cm (body width) approx. 71cm (length) approx. 89cm (Sleeve length From the center of the back)
XXL: approx. 61cm (body width) approx. 73cm (length) approx. 92cm (Sleeve length From the center of the back)

Material: 100% cotton