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Fellowes PHERROW'S N-1 deck jacket military USNAVY 3 season plain fabric 22S-PN-1W

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The world's first 3-season modified version of the so-called N-1 deck jacket, which was used on board decks in extremely cold weather, is now a new summer deck jacket that has evolved further after 7 years.
Starting with the collar that has a NEP feel that resembles the original alpaca boa, the tanned texture has been realistically reproduced with ball bio processing.

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S: about 40cm (shoulder width) about 48cm (width of the body) about 64cm (length) about 57.5cm (sleeve length)
M: about 43cm (shoulder width) about 51cm (width of the body) about 66cm (length) about 59cm (sleeve length)
L: about 46cm (shoulder width) about 54cm (width of the body) about 68cm (length) about 60.5cm (sleeve length)
XL: about 49cm (shoulder width) about 57cm (width of the body) about 70cm (length) about 62cm (sleeve length)
XXL: about 52cm (shoulder width) about 60cm (width of the body) about 72cm (length) about 63.5cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton / 65% polyester, 35% rayon

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The Deck Jacket is the world's first 3-season version of the N-1 Deck Jacket that was used on the deck of ships in extremely cold weather.
The collar has a nebbled look based on the original alpaca boa, and even the ball bio processing has been used to create a realistic tanned look.

S: approx. 40cm (shoulder width) approx. 48cm (body width) approx. 64cm (length) approx. 57.5cm (sleeve length)
M: approx. 43cm (shoulder width) approx. 51cm (body width) approx. 66cm (length) approx. 59cm (sleeve length)
46 cm (shoulder width) approx. 54 cm (body width) approx. 68 cm (length) approx. 60.5 cm (sleeve length)
49cm (shoulder width) approx. 57cm (body width) approx. 70cm (length) approx. 62cm (sleeve length)
XXL: approx. 52cm (shoulder width), approx. 60cm (body width), approx. 72cm (length), approx. 63.5cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% cotton / 65% polyester, 35% rayon