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Fellowes PHERROW'S USMC monkey pants easy pants M-44 herringbone 22S-PMEP1

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M-44, commonly known as monkey pants, which was adopted at USMC in the 1940s, has been updated to easy waist specifications with a waist cord.
The firm herringbone material is left as is, and the tumbler finish gives it a mature nuance reminiscent of washed-out.

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S: About 69cm to about 83cm (waist) about 30cm (front rise) about 65cm (inseam) about 27cm (wading) about 19cm (hem width)
M: About 72cm to about 86cm (waist) about 32cm (front rise) about 67cm (inseam) about 29cm (wading) about 20cm (sleeve width)
L: About 75cm to about 89cm (waist) about 34cm (front rise) about 69cm (inseam) about 31cm (wading) about 21cm (hem width)
XL: About 78cm to about 92cm (waist) about 36cm (front rise) about 71cm (inseam) about 33cm (wading) about 22cm (sleeve width)

Material: 100% cotton

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The M-44, commonly known as the monkey pants adopted by the USMC in the 1940s, has been updated to loose-fitting pants with an elastic.
The stiff herringbone material is left intact, but tumbled to give it a relaxed nuance reminiscent of being washed.

69cm to approx. 83cm (waist) approx. 30cm (front rise) approx. 65cm (inseam) approx. 27cm (thigh width) approx. 19cm (hem width pants)
72cm to approx. 86cm (waist) approx. 32cm (front rise) approx. 67cm (inseam) approx. 29cm (thigh width) approx. 20cm (hem width pants)
75cm to approx. 89cm (waist) approx. 34cm (front rise) approx. 69cm (inseam) approx. 31cm (thigh width) approx. 21cm (hem width pants)
78cm to approx. 92cm (waist) approx. 36cm (front rise) approx. 71cm (inseam) approx. 33cm (thigh width) approx. 22cm (hem width pants)

Material: 100% cotton