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36 :肩幅 44cm, 身幅 54cm, 着丈 60cm, 袖丈 54cm
38 :肩幅 46cm, 身幅 56cm, 着丈 62cm, 袖丈 56cm
40 :肩幅 48cm, 身幅 58cm, 着丈 65cm, 袖丈 58cm
42 :肩幅 50cm, 身幅 60cm, 着丈 69cm, 袖丈 61cm
44 :肩幅 52cm, 身幅 62cm, 着丈 72cm, 袖丈 64cm

Material: Cotton 100%

From the Frontier Series inspired by the workwear of the 1890s, the last period of the western frontier.

This season, we have created a collarless engineer jacket with denim blouse details.

The front pockets are newly stitched with Buffalo Horn ST, which gives the impression of unevenness as if it were done with a single-needle sewing machine.

By using a moderately light 11-ounce USA cotton selvage denim as the fabric
We have struck a balance between the original quality of workwear and the softness and ease of wear.

36 : shoulder width 44cm, body width 54cm, length 60cm, sleeve length 54cm
38 : shoulder width 46cm, body width 56cm, length 62cm, sleeve length 56cm
40 : shoulder width 48cm, body width 58cm, length 65cm, sleeve length 58cm
42 : shoulder width 50cm, body width 60cm, length 69cm, sleeve length 61cm
44 : shoulder width 52cm, body width 62cm, length 72cm, sleeve length 64cm
※Please note that there may be a slight deviation from the size indicated due to the individual differences of each product and the characteristics of the fabric.

Material: Cotton 100%