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38 :約48cm(肩幅)約54cm(身幅)約65cm(着丈)約23cm(袖丈)

40 :約49cm(肩幅)約55cm(身幅)約66cm(着丈)約24cm(袖丈)

42 :約51cm(肩幅)約57cm(身幅)約68cm(着丈)約25cm(袖丈)



Material: Cotton 100%



From the Frontier Series, inspired by the workwear of the 1890s, the last period of the American Old West. 

Inspired by the innerwear of a denim set-up, the jersey fabric is made of organic cotton with natural neps.

Design features include a loose-fitting silhouette, sloping shoulders, and short sleeve lengths.

The main seams are made by flat seamer.


S: approx. 46cm (shoulder width), approx. 53cm (body width), approx. 64cm (length), approx. 22cm (sleeve length)

M: approx. 48cm (shoulder width), approx. 54cm (body width), approx. 65cm (length), approx. 23cm (sleeve length)

L: approx. 49cm (shoulder width), approx. 55cm (body width), approx. 66cm (length), approx. 24cm (sleeve length)

XL: approx. 51cm (shoulder width), approx. 57cm (body width), approx. 68cm (length), approx. 25cm (sleeve length)

XXL: approx. 53cm (shoulder width), approx. 59cm (body width), approx. 70cm (length), approx. 26cm (sleeve length)


Material: Cotton100%