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30:平置ウエスト 40cm 前股上 33.5cm 股下 74cm ワタリ 35cm スソ幅 27cm  

32:平置ウエスト 42cm 前股上 34cm 股下 74cm ワタリ 36cm スソ幅 28cm 

34:平置ウエスト 44cm 前股上 34cm 股下 74cm ワタリ 37cm スソ幅 29cm  

36:平置ウエスト 46cm 前股上 34.5cm 股下 74cm ワタリ 38cm スソ幅 30cm  


Material: Cotton 80% Nylon 20%





The U.S. ARMY has been using the famous feel pants [M-65] since 1965, and we have arranged them in our own unique way.


Details such as suspender loops and silence and hemostatic strips inside the pockets have been eliminated and replaced with specifications more suited to town use.


The outer fabric is made of INVISTA's Cordura fabric, which is still trusted by the military forces of many countries.


30 : flat waist 40cm, front rise 33.5cm,inseam 74cm, thigh width 35cm, hem width pants 27cm

32 : flat waist 42cm, front rise 34cm,inseam 74cm, thigh width 36cm, hem width pants 28cm

34 : flat waist 44cm, front rise 34cm,inseam 74cm, thigh width 37cm, hem width pants 29cm

36 : flat waist 46cm, front rise 34.5cm,inseam 74cm, thigh width 38cm, hem width pants 30cm

Please note that there may be a slight deviation from the size indicated due to the individual differences of each product and the characteristics of the fabric.


Material: Cotton 80% Nylon 20%