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70年代のボーリングシャツをベースに、プロボウラーチーム『Lucky Strikes』のユニフォームをイメージした新作オープンカラーシャツ。



S   :肩幅 41cm, 身幅 49cm, 着丈 68cm, 袖丈 18cm
M  :肩幅 43cm, 身幅 51cm, 着丈 70cm, 袖丈 29cm
L    :肩幅 45cm, 身幅 55cm, 着丈 72cm, 袖丈 20cm
XL  :肩幅 47cm, 身幅 58cm, 着丈 74cm, 袖丈 21cm
XXL :肩幅 49cm, 身幅 61cm, 着丈 76cm, 袖丈 22cm

Material: Rayon 65 Cotton 35%


Based on the bowling shirts of the 1970s, this new open-collar shirt is inspired by the uniform of the "Lucky Strikes" professional bowler team.

The embroidery on the chest and back, which is one of the most distinctive features of bowling shirts, is unified with chain stitching.

The boxy silhouette for ease of movement and the action pleat specification on the back are also attractive.

S     : shoulder width 41cm, body width 49cm, length 68cm, sleeve length 18cm
M     : shoulder width 43cm, body width 51cm, length 70cm, sleeve length 19cm
L      : shoulder width 45cm, body width 55cm, length 72cm, sleeve length 20cm
XL    : shoulder width 47cm, body width 58cm, length 74cm, sleeve length 21cm
XXL  : shoulder width 49cm, body width 61cm, length 76cm, sleeve length 22cm
※Please note that there may be a slight deviation from the size indicated due to the individual differences of each product and the characteristics of the fabric.

Material: Rayon 65 Cotton 35%