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S      :肩幅 41cm, 身幅 47cm, 着丈 64cm, 袖丈 18.5cm
M     :肩幅 42cm, 身幅 50cm, 着丈 66cm, 袖丈 19cm
L      :肩幅 44cm, 身幅 53cm, 着丈 70cm, 袖丈 19.5cm
XL    :肩幅 45cm, 身幅 56cm, 着丈 71cm, 袖丈 20cm
XXL :肩幅 47cm, 身幅 58cm, 着丈 72cm, 袖丈 20.5cm

Material: Cotton 100%


The classic PT body that has been a favorite of our customers for many years has been renewed this season.
The 14/- jersey round-body finish has been retained, but the length, width, and other areas of concern have been made roomier and resized, and the inner tag has also been redesigned.

Printed Tee inspired by a promotional Tee of a fictional diner.

S       : shoulder width 41cm, body width 47cm, length 64cm, sleeve length 18.5cm
M      : shoulder width 42cm, body width 50cm, length 66cm, sleeve length 19cm
L        : shoulder width 44cm, body width 53cm, length 70cm, sleeve length 19.5cm
XL      : shoulder width 45cm, body width 56cm, length 71cm, sleeve length 20cm
XXL    : shoulder width 47cm, body width 58cm, length 72cm, sleeve length 20.5cm
※Please note that there may be a slight deviation from the size indicated due to the individual differences of each product and the characteristics of the fabric.

Material: Cotton 100%