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Fellows PHERROW'S denim jeans 466 tight fit starched wash one wash DENIM 466SW

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A tight-fitting model based on archives from the late 1960s to the 1970s, when jeans established themselves as daily wear.
We use 13.5oz right hand twill original denim woven with an old-fashioned shuttle loom.

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*Length is set up to 34 inches.

W28: about 27.5cm (front rise) about 35cm (back rise) about 28.5cm (wading) about 18.5cm (hem width)
W29: about 28cm (front rise) about 35.5cm (back rise) about 29cm (wading) about 19cm (sleeve width)
W30: Approximately 28.5cm (front rise) Approximately 35.5cm (rear rise) Approximately 29.5cm (wading) Approximately 19.5cm (sleeve width)
W31: about 28.5cm (front rise) about 36cm (back rise) about 30cm (wading) about 20cm (sleeve width)
W32: about 29cm (front rise) about 36cm (back rise) about 31cm (wading) about 20.5cm (sleeve width)
W33: about 29cm (front rise) about 36.5cm (back rise) about 31.5cm (wading) about 21cm (sleeve width)
W34: about 30cm (front rise) about 36.5cm (back rise) about 32cm (wading) about 21.5cm (hem width)
W36: Approximately 30cm (front rise) Approximately 37cm (rear rise) Approximately 32.5cm (wading) Approximately 22cm (sleeve width)
W38: about 31cm (front rise) about 37.5cm (back rise) about 33cm (wading) about 23cm (sleeve width)
W40: Approximately 31.5cm (front rise) Approximately 38cm (rear rise) Approximately 34cm (wading) Approximately 24cm (sleeve width)

Material: 100% cotton