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Among the flagship models that Fellows is proud of, this is the classic model that has responded to all needs regardless of the times.

Based on the denim pants from the late 1940s to the early 1950s, which are particularly popular in the vintage market, we have faithfully reproduced the details of the past, such as sleek using organic cotton, yellow stitching using cotton thread, and concealed rivets on the hips. Reproduced.
The fabric is a well-balanced blend of American and Australian cotton to create a natural color and vertical fall, and 13.5 oz denim is woven with low tension to create an original fabric with a high degree of perfection.

In order to revive the original fabric of the time, it is the model that most faithfully reproduces the jeans of the 1950s in the Fellowes denim lineup, which was produced by disassembling the real denim of the 1950s and researching from the fibers of the fabric.

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W28: Front rise 29.5cm Back rise 37cm Watari 29cm Suse width 20cm
W29: Front rise 29.5cm Back rise 37cm Watari 30cm Suse width 20.5cm
W30: Front rise 29.5cm Back rise 38cm Watari 31cm Suse width 21cm
W31: Front rise 30cm Back rise 38cm Watari 31.5cm Suse width 21.5cm
W32: Front rise 30cm Back rise 38cm Watari 32cm Suse width 22cm
W33: Front rise 31cm Back rise 39cm Watari 32.5cm Suse width 22.5cm
W34: Front rise 31cm Back rise 40cm Watari 33cm Suse width 23cm
W36: Front rise 32cm Back rise 41cm Watari 34cm Suse width 24cm
W38: Front rise 33cm Back rise 42cm Watari 35cm Suse width 24.5cm
W40: Front rise 34cm Back rise 43cm Watari 36cm Suse width 25cm
* Due to individual differences for each product and the characteristics of the fabric, there may be slight differences from the indicated size.
*Length is set up to 34 inches.

Fabric: 13.5oz Original Denim