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About Us

What is Phrrow's?

Early 1990s.
This was a time when the word "replica" had not yet taken root in the world and was still not mainstream.

Pherrow's started with the world's first lineup of complete replicas of vintage sweatshirts such as double V, freedom sleeves, and double-face parkas, whose prices had begun to rise gradually in the used clothing market.

In the same year, the nylon flight jacket "L-2A" was duplicated and sold in limited quantities.
This is the world's first complete reproduction of a vintage flight jacket, and with the release of the MA-1 and L-2B, which continues to garner attention, it has established itself as the pioneer of a new genre called vintage flight replicas.

As an American casual manufacturer, we continue to produce a variety of vintage sweatshirts and chino pants, as well as Hawaiian shirts and leather items.

We will continue to create interesting wear based on our policy of "creating products that are timeless."