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About Us

What is Pherrow's?

The year was 1990. It was a time when the word "replica" had not yet taken root in the world.
It was a time when the word "replica" was not yet a major word.

In the vintage clothing market, prices have been slowly rising for double V, freedom sleeve and
and double-faced hoodies.
Pherrow's started out with the world's first complete replica lineup of vintage sweatshirts.

In the same year, the L-2A nylon flight jacket was duplicated and sold in limited quantities.
This was the world's first complete reprint of a vintage flight jacket, and it attracted a lot of attention.
With the release of the MA-1 (1st.) and L-2B, the company established itself as a pioneer in the new genre of vintage flight replicas.
MA-1 (1st.) and L-2B, and established its unshakable position as a pioneer of a new genre of vintage flight replicas.

As a brand to be understood by those who value their own originality
We will continue to make interesting wear with the policy of "creating things that are not influenced by trends.