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For Overseas Customers

Silver rings, bracelets and other precious metals cannot be shipped overseas.

We do not have a foreign language site.
Please order on the Japanese online site.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

・Payment is limited to Paypal.

We do not accept bank transfers from overseas.

Our Paypal account is

・We will ship after the payment is settled.

For payment via PayPal, you will receive an email regarding payment via PayPal.
Please click on the link to the PayPal site in the email and make the payment within 5 days.

Also, if we are unable to confirm your payment, please contact us.
5 days after the above email is sent to our PayPal account.
Your order will be automatically cancelled.

・No returns, refunds, or exchanges will be accepted once the order confirmation email has been sent.

・Customs duties and other taxes may be charged at the time of delivery.
In such cases, please pay them directly to the shipping company or customs.
Taxes are handled differently in each country.
Please contact your local customs office for details.

・We can not change “Total Value” of invoice.

・Please keep a copy of your payment.

・We send goods in Yamato Transport

Please note that we cannot ship to the following countries and regions.
Please understand.

Asia: China, Philippines, Mongolia, India
North and Central America: Canada, Mexico
South America: Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela
Europe: Portugal, Russia
Middle East: Qatar, Saudi Arabia

For countries and regions other than those listed above, the following shipping charges apply.

Zone 1 (Asia)
Within 60cm / up to 2kg = 2,050 yen Within 80cm / up to 5kg = 3,450 yen

Zone 2 (Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East, etc.)
Within 60cm / up to 2kg = 2,750yen Within 80cm / up to 5kg = 4,650yen

Zone 3 (Europe, Africa, parts of South America, etc.).
Within 60cm / up to 2kg = 3,200 yen Within 80cm / up to 5kg = 5,350 yen

Zone 4 (Others)
Within 60cm / up to 2kg = 6,300 yen Within 80cm / up to 5kg = 14,400 yen

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Import Duty & Tax Calculations

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