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S    :肩幅 41cm, 身幅 49cm, 着丈 70cm, 袖丈 20cm
M   :肩幅 43cm, 身幅 52cm, 着丈 72cm, 袖丈 21cm
L     :肩幅 45cm, 身幅 55cm, 着丈 73cm, 袖丈 22cm
XL   :肩幅 47cm, 身幅 57cm, 着丈 75cm, 袖丈 23cm
XXL :肩幅 49cm, 身幅 60cm, 着丈 77cm, 袖丈 24cm

Material : Cotton 100%


This new work shirt is inspired by the staff uniform of a fictional gas station company.

In addition to simple details, the print dares to use the same color tone as the body to create a mature atmosphere.

In addition to the print on the left chest and back, inverted pleated pockets with flaps on both chests serve as accents.

S     : shoulder width 41cm, body width 49cm, length 70cm, sleeve length 20cm
M    : shoulder width 43cm, body width 52cm, length 72cm, sleeve length 21cm
L     : shoulder width 45cm, body width 55cm, length 73cm, sleeve length 22cm
XL   : shoulder width 47cm, body width 57cm, length 75cm, sleeve length 23cm
XXL : shoulder width 49cm, body width 60cm, length 77cm, sleeve length 24cm
※Please note that there may be a slight deviation from the size indicated due to the individual differences of each product and the characteristics of the fabric.

Material : Cotton 100%