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S  :肩幅 42cm, 身幅 51cm, 着丈 68cm, 袖丈 20cm
M :肩幅 44cm, 身幅 53cm, 着丈 69cm, 袖丈 21cm
L   :肩幅 46cm, 身幅 56cm, 着丈 70cm, 袖丈 22cm
XL :肩幅 48cm, 身幅 57cm, 着丈 73cm, 袖丈 23cm
XXL :肩幅 50cm, 身幅 58cm, 着丈 75cm, 袖丈 24cm

Material: Cotton 86%linen 14%


In recent years, the Italian collar shirt has become a standard item for the spring and summer seasons.

This season, the multi-colored stripes in primary colors give a refreshing impression, and different stripe patterns are used for each color to provide a variety of colors with different expressions.

The cotton linen fabric made from Okinawa ramie, which excels in breathability, moisture absorption and desorption, and durability, is brushed, leaving it soft against the skin and with a crisp feeling unique to linen, giving it a relaxed feel.

image of wearing

S  : shoulder width 42cm, body width 51cm, length 68cm, sleeve length 20cm
M    : shoulder width 44cm, body width 53cm, length 69cm, sleeve length 21cm
L  : shoulder width 46cm, body width 56cm, length 70cm, sleeve length 22cm
XL   : shoulder width 48cm, body width 57cm, length 73cm, sleeve length 23cm
XXL : shoulder width 50cm, body width 58cm, length 75cm, sleeve length 24cm
※Please note that there may be a slight deviation from the size indicated due to the individual differences of each product and the characteristics of the fabric.

Material: Cotton 86%linen 14%